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What is a Galvanic Treatment?

For more than 50 years, spa and salon professionals have used gentle galvanic currents in customized treatments to refresh and energize the skin. These treatments, through a gentle massaging action, help to focus cellular energy and enhance circulation.

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How Does Galvanic Current Work?

With the careful application of positive and negative Galvanic currents to the face,  you can revive and rejuvenate skin's natural radiance.
A negative galvanic current encourages the transport of beneficial nutrients
which deliver wonderful, re-energizing results.
A positive galvanic current aids in the removal of toxins and impurities.


How It Works

Introducing The Galvanic II Spa

Programmable device with patented self-adjusting Galvanic currents and interchangeable heads for the face, scalp and body, a now a new spot treatment head!

Works synergistically with specially formulated products to facilitate transport of key ingredients delivering revitalizing, restorative and rejuvenating benefits.

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What You Will See

 After Using Your Galvanic Spa

In addition to feeling fresh and rejuvenated you will also notice a significant reduction to wrinkles, bags under the eyes, crows feet, smile lines, less sagging of skin under the arms when used there, a smoothing and reduction in cellulite on thighs and buttocks and a general tightening of the skin where treated.  You can see the results regarding cellulite by clicking on the link below.

The more treatments you do the more noticeable the results will become.  The recommended protocol is two ten minute treatments per week.




  Schedule a demo today and watch your wrinkles disappear in 10 minutes. Click here to see Before and After pictures of Half-face treatment.All I Can Say is WOW!

I have been going to the dermatologist for the past 4 years for treatment of chronic facial rosacea. The chin and area around my nose were particularly sensitive and became red and flaky. I tried numerous over-the-counter facial cleansers and moisturizers designed for sensitive skin and prescription creams. In 2006, I tried laser treatments of the blood vessels to alleviate this condition because nothing seemed to calm my skin. Putting on makeup was an ordeal trying to figure out how to cover the redness.

Enter Nuskin 180! I was skeptical about trying the 180 system due to cost, but started using it combined with the Galvanic spa treatment system in July 2007. Two months later, all I can say is WOW! My skin has calmed down – no redness or flaky skin! The texture is smooth and even; a relative commented that it looks as fresh as a baby’s! Moisturizer absorbs immediately! The cost is well worth it to maintain youthful looking healthy skin. 

Betsy Lessans,

Marietta, Georgia



Key Benefits

It is Affordable: Compared to thousands of dollars you would spend monthly for traditional Galvanic treatments at Spa Centers, the Galvanic Spa System is a cost-effective investment.

[Survey of 40 salons from Palm Springs, CA up to Santa Barbara, CA and for 8 facials for 1-month – $900 to $1400 per month. Compared to our Galvanic Spa System investment of only $50 – $75 per month.]


It is Convenient: This portable instrument allows you to enjoy a spa treatment at home. Replaceable batteries: eliminates cords, adapters and dependence on electrical outlets.

Treatment Gel

The pre-treatment gel with the Galvanic Spa II Face Conductor removes skin impurities and lets your pores breathe.


It contains extracts of marigold extract, sea kelp and vanilla for their soothing effects. TEA Cocoyl Glutamate purifies the skin.


The treatment gel with the Galvanic Spa II Face Conductor revives and invigorates your skin.


Contains Arginine, an amino acid which helps the skin to recover from stress.  Magnesium is a necessary component that promotes cellular energy.


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A recent study, by a third party lab, measured the ability of the Galvanic Spa to help skin care ingredients enter the skin. The first measurement was taken at zero hours, the second at six hours, and the last measurement was taken at 24 hours after completing a galvanic treatment.


You can see that at both 6 and 24 hours there is over a 70% increase in the ability of ingredient Active “A” to enter the Galvanic-treated skin! Galvanic treatment increases absorption making active ingredients more available for skin improvement.



Treatment durations of five minutes or more with the instrument can enhance the delivery of key ingredients for up to 24 hours, which means whatever you apply after your galvanic treatment is 70% more absorbed for at least 24 hours.

To capitalize on these benefits, the Galvanic Spa should be used at least 2-3 times a week.



"I thought that the clinical results of Galvanic sounded too good to be true, but I have seen a difference in the mirror since the first time I used it!" – Sarah Bennett, UT


"I can't tell you how pleased I am with the results I have been getting from the Galvanic Spa System. My wife, continues to tell me that my face has never looked better. I have much more confidence in myself. Thanks for world-class product, at an affordable price. I am hooked for life!" – Mark Rogow, CA.







Women Washcloth

Galvanic Body

The Galvanic Spa System can also be used with body contouring gels to remove cellulite. In an 8 week clinical trial 100% of participants saw noticeable results and 37% had more than a 1" diameter decrease in their thigh!